13 Sep 2017

KORT has been blessed with the opportunity to provide WHEEL CHAIRS for disabled children and adults in Azad Kashmir. This project is not just for KORT  children but for everyone in the surrounding areas of Mirpur.

KORT Chairman Ch Mohammed Akhtar released the following statement: “I used to say that being an orphan is not a crime, now I’m saying that being disabled is not a crime either. My wife is disabled too, so I understand the pain that disabled people go through”. 

Since the project launched early in September, twenty five wheelchairs have already been donated. Ch Akhtar has intended by the grace of Allah to donate one hundred wheelchairs a month and promised to keep the project active until the needs of the disabled have been taken care of in Azad Kashmir. He further mentioned that by assisting the disabled people in the society, we hope to achieve the mercy of Allah Ta’ala, our creator.

If you wish to be a part of this noble cause and help children and adults become more independent in their lives, then please click on the link and donate £50 per wheelchair.   https://www.kort.org.uk/donate/

Please watch this broadcast by JK News by clicking on this link https://www.facebook.com/JKnewspk.tv/videos/1639879232750084/







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