It has been 4 years since our children were relocated from our previous residence in Mirpur City into our permanent home in Akhtarabad, Mirpur. Through the grace of the Almighty and the generosity of our donors, the progress of KORT and transformation of the children in our care has been amazing.

Hundreds of children who came to KORT lacking in confidence, suffering from malnutrition and emotional distress are now smiling again and loving life at KORT (Praise be to the Almighty). These changes in individual confidence and academic progress have only been possible through the will of the Almighty, the support of our donors and through the strong foundations KORT has set in place to improve the lives of the orphan children in our care.

Excellent safe and secure facilities with consistent loving care will ensure that the children in our care have a great chance of being successful in their individual futures and contribute to the positive development of their communities and the wider society.

Thank you to all our donors and Muskorteers who have supported us and enabled the orphan children in our care to dream and smile again.


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