Our Chairman Awarded Tamgha-E-Imtiaz

Since 2005, KORT has been leading from the front to tackle poverty, providing hope to orphaned and abandoned children, assisting the disabled, and providing emergency aid to people affected by natural disasters across Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.

Hundreds of orphan children have been served at KORT since 2005 and KORT has also been instrumental in assisting people affected by natural disasters during the past 15 years.

Below are some of the key humanitarian services provided to the poor & vulnerable people of Pakistan and AJK through the support of our donors, Muskorteers and under the guidance and leadership of our Chairman Ch. Mohammed Akhtar.

• Building a purpose-built home for orphans that includes separate onsite hostels for 500 boys and 500 girls, an onsite mosque with a capacity of 1500 worshipers, and an onsite school with the capacity of 1500 children
• 171 homes built for needy people who lost their homes during the 2010 floods in Nowshera Pakistan.

• Thousands of poor & needy people are provided with Qurbani meat in Azad Kashmir every year during Eid Ul Adha.

• Emergency aid was provided to thousands of people affected by the 2014 floods in Pakistan

• Every winter since 2016, thousands of warm blankets are provided to the needy people in Northern Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to keep them warm during the winter months

• Hundreds of wheelchairs are distributed every year since 2017 to disabled people across Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.

• Team KORT was on the ground immediately after the September 2019 Mirpur Earthquake to assist with relief and rescue efforts. Thousands of people were provided with freshly cooked meals and emergency relief daily for 2 weeks. 150 homes have also been built for poor and needy people who lost their homes during the Earthquake.

• Team KORT was also instrumental in driving awareness for COVID-19 across the Mirpur Division of Azad Kashmir. Several teams were mobilised across Azad Kashmir to distribute food relief packs, medicines, PPE’s for the public and the local hospitals, and lifesaving ventilators were also provided to hospitals in the Mirpur Division AJK and Islamabad Pakistan.

• Thousands of bottles of water, biscuits, cereal bars, hand moisturisers and fans were also provided to the Hospitals in Leicester, UK, to support the NHS staff leading the fight against COVID-19.

• Several Water Filtration Plants have been installed across Azad Kashmir to provide people with safe water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Water for their crops and animals and the chance to break out of the poverty cycle.

In recognition of the outstanding achievements of KORT, our Chairman Ch. Mohammed Akhtar was awarded with the Tamgha-E-Imtiaz Award (Highest Civilian Honour), which is a state-organised honour of Pakistan on the 7th of September 2020.

Our Chairman would like to thank and dedicate this award to his family, the children of KORT, the Trustees, the staff, and to all our Muskorteers and donors from around the world.

Please continue to support KORT so we can carry on serving humanity and earn the pleasure of Allah Almighty.

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