More than 30 sewing machines were distributed at the KORT Educational Complex in Akhtar-Abad, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir in September 2018 amongst the widows and needy women of Mirpur through the support of our kind donors.

A sewing machine is one of the simplest and most effective resources to give to a woman in a poor country to help empower her to earn a respectable living and support her family to rise out of poverty.

For women who have no formal education and therefore no access to decent, well-paying jobs, vocational skills like sewing hold an important alternative. In societies where there is discrimination and a lack of security, earning a respectable living is a means to independence and empowerment for women in the safety of their own homes.

For us, a sewing machine might mean the occasional mending of clothes, but to a woman and her family in a poor area, it is a powerful weapon against poverty!

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