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Here at Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust we have several fundraising projects and events all over the United Kingdom, with events in Manchester, Birmingham, Blackburn & other areas throughout the UK.

These fundraisers are to help fund our many disaster relief projects, along with our main purpose of supporting the orphans & children from Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.

Kashmir Orphans & Pakistani Orphans – Support From Kort Orphan Charity

We are collecting donations 24/7 for any purpose be it Zakat, Lillah, or Sadaqah or general-purpose Islamic donations.

Sponsor Towards An Orphan – From As Little As £1.10 Per Day

You can donate towards orphans at any time using our secure online payment processing, we offer a special donation package where you can sponsor towards an orphan for £35 per month.

There are also other donation structures or customized amounts where people can donate as much as they wish or as much as they can manage.

There is also the option of a direct debit.

How Can I Sponsor A Pakistani Or Kashmiri Orphan?

By going to this page “Secure Donation” it is possible to make any donation as appropriate using a secure online processor which can take payments from all major credit and debit cards.

All donations are processed within 24 hours and received instantly through the payment page, enabling any potential donor to fulfil their charitable obligations using the latest in web technology.

Sponsoring Disaster Relief – Orphaned Children

We have worked on a number of different disaster relief projects, including our biggest project: 2005 Kashmir earthquake which left hundreds of thousands of victims without a home or food, in response to this Kort was created.

Since then Kort has shown unwavering support and has housed 1000s of orphaned Children, widows and families with disabilities.

Kort Has Built a state-of-the-art secure complex, for housing and education purposes.

Our support of the orphans has touched the lives of hundreds of families, and our extensive fundraising efforts have led to pledges of huge amounts of money to support KORT in a variety of ways, through personal pledges, through the website, through, personal, Pakistan orphans have been extensively supported through efforts by our donors, patrons, founders and volunteers.

100% Donation Policy – Helping Orphaned Pakistan & Kashmir Children

100% of all donations received are appropriated exactly to where they should be placed, we take no fees or deductions from any donations be it general purpose, Zakat, Sadaqah or Lillah, all our donors can have peace of mind in knowing all donations are handled in a halal fashion with the full amount put to the benefit of the children (100%).

As you know, charities have running costs, which is why we would appreciate it if with each donation you could opt into ‘gift aid’, which covers our running costs in helping serve this cause, with a 25% contribution to match donations given to us, this is provided by the HMRC.

How Does The £35 Per Month Plan Work For Sponsoring Towards An Orphan?


For just £1.10 per day (taken as a single payment of £35 per month) which is renewable after 12 months of payments taken.

These contributions will not only help fund the general care of a Pakistani or Kashmiri orphan, but it will also help fund their education and costs of premises, personnel and security to provide the children with the highest professional standards in both care and education.


Once enrolled on the sponsorship program you will receive a letter confirming your sponsorship along with a profile of the child & a receipt as proof of donorship.

Join KORT and Make a Difference

Together, we’re creating a future where our children have a chance to succeed.