Sustainability of KORT

Sustainability of KORT - Masjid Azad Kashmir

YOU can invest in our projects and the sustainability of KORT that will impact lives for years to come.

KORT Educational Complex in Akhtarabad, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir-Pakistan, is a purpose-built home for orphans.

Children are provided with fresh meals, safe and secure accommodation, casual clothing, uniforms, medical care, and quality education.

At KORT, we treat the orphan children just like we treat our own children at home.

Sustainability of KORT Wall of appreciation
Sustainability of KORT - Children's Hostel

We believe that it is the right of children to be protected, taken care of physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

These rights do not change when children become orphans.

Through education, good nutrition, physical wellbeing, consistent loving care, and encouragement, we will help our children perform better in school, be healthier, become independent and have successful careers.

The KORT Educational Complex has many different departments that are involved in the day to day running of the orphans’ home. Some of these departments are admin staff, cooks, cleaners, carers, drivers, security staff and teachers.

Please support us with your generous donations to sustain our orphans home and so that we can provide the above facilities for up to 1000 orphan children over the next few years and provide quality education to an additional 500 underprivileged children from nearby villages.

Sustainability of KORT | Main Building
Sustainability of KORT - Children smiling

It is not the CHOICE of a child to become an orphan, but we/you have the CHOICE to make a difference to their lives.

Please donate any amount of Zakat, Sadaqah, Lillah and general donations.

For those who donate £1,000 Sadaqah and above for the sustainability of KORT, we shall install a memorable tile in yours or a loved one’s name on our dedicated Wall of Support at KORT.

If you are a UK Taxpayer, please do not forget to select Gift Aid on your donations which will help with our admin costs. This also ensures all funds raised go towards this wonderful cause.


Sustainability of KORT PE lessons KORT
£1000 Brick Sadqah
Sustainability of KORT - Girls PE class

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