Our Impact

  • Feed Orphans

    Hundreds of children served at our orphanage since 2005

  • Educating Orphans

    Over 350 children in our fulltime care with accommodation capacity for 1000 orphans

  • Orphan Shelter

    Our aim is to provide quality education for 1500 children

  • In 2007 the government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir donated 13 acres of land to KORT to build a purpose built complex for orphans.
  • With the blessings of the Almighty and the generous support of our donors, the construction project is now complete which includes an Educational Complex, an onsite Mosque for 1500 worshippers that has washroom and ablution facilities for disabled people, a large hall which includes laundry, cooking and dining facilities where up to 600 orphan children can dine at one time, and separate hostels for 500 orphan girls and 500 orphan boys.
  • We are fully committed to support our children achieve successful futures.
  • The first group of children we received following the Kashmir Earthquake in 2005 were traumatised. It took time for some children who were affected by the deadly earthquake to emotionally recover. The fear and distress they were feeling after having their lives ripped from beneath them was immense.   Many children came from remote mountain villages and therefore were below the national education standard for their age. This is when we aimed for emphasis on education to make sure we give them the best possible chance to become self sufficient and succeed in the future.

  • After facing many challenges and many years of hard work, our children have now developed into confident individuals who can enjoy life. They have the reassurance that we are there to support them all the way to become successful and for them to contribute positively to their communities and the wider society. Due to the increasing demand to take on more orphan children, we are currently building one of the largest educational complexes in South Asia, which will be home to 1000 orphan children and provide high class education to 1500 students.

  • Hope for Orphans
    Accommodation capacity for 1000 orphan children
  • Care for Orphans
    Future plans for onsite medical clinic
  • masijd Home for orphans
    Onsite Masjid with capacity for 1500 worshippers
“I don’t want a perfect life, I want a happy life, and I am happy at KORT”

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