Naseeb Abbas appointed as Marketing & Fundraising Officer

We are pleased to announce to have secured the services of Naseeb Abbas as our marketing and fundraising officer.

Naseeb Abbas has previously served as KORT ambassador on a voluntary basis whilst promoting & supporting KORT. He brings with him a wealth of social media campaigns and marketing experience to add value to the unstinting efforts of KORT to help and support the orphan children, as well as those in need. We welcome Naseeb to Team KORT.

A significant proportion of our UK donors are tax paying employees. With their permission, we claim 25% Gift Aid on the principle amount donated from HMRC, at no detriment to the donor.

From this substantial Gift Aid pot, we are able to pay our essential expenses including staff salaries (breakdown in our annual accounts submitted to the Charities Commission), thus allocating 100% of the donations for the intended purpose.

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