A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck the region of Mirpur, Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday 24th September 2019. So far 38 people have lost their lives and over 500 people have been injured.
Over 500 homes have become uninhabitable and roads leading to villages outside the main city have been destroyed leaving hundreds of people stranded and unable to access food and water. 
The epicentre of the Earthquake was close to the KORT Educational Complex but praise be to Allah, the children and staff at KORT were unharmed. 
Although this Earthquake was not as devastating as the Earthquake of 8th October 2005, it has caused a lot of structural damage to hundreds of homes in many villages around Mirpur. 
Once the safety and provisions of our orphans was confirmed, members of our Muskorteers liaised with local officials, hospitals and contacts from local villages to assess the impact of the Earthquake. An emergency response cell was formed by Team KORT to assist in rescue and relief distribution for those in need. 
Within a few hours, our Muskorteers split up into multiple teams and headed to local hospitals and emergency shelters to provide hot meals and drinking water for the injured and displaced. Some of our teams also assisted in rescue missions and transported the injured and martyrs to local hospitals. 
Some of our Muskorteers worked through the night and gathered information on the worst affected areas whilst others prepared relief packs and arranged tents, quilts and drinking water ready for distribution at first light. 
By the will of Allah and the generous support of our donors, we have been able to provide hot meals to hundreds of people who had lost their homes and distributed hundreds of food relief packs including tents and quilts for the needy and displaced people. 
We are still getting calls from remote villages who are in need of rations and drinking water. Insha-Allah we will continue to provide relief assistance for the needy until normality resumes. 
Thank you to all our donors and Muskorteers for your generosity and time. 
May Allah accept your donations and your hard efforts, and bless you abundantly in your health, wealth and Imaan. Ameen.

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