Earthquake Housing Project

Thousands of families were devastated by the 24th September 2019 Earthquake in an area very close to the KORT Educational Complex. Many homes were demolished and many more damaged beyond economical repair, unstable and unfit to live in.

After initially pledging to build 100 homes for the disabled, elderly, widows and orphans who are living in tents and with no means to buy or build new homes, we will now be building 150 homes with the blessings of the Almighty and through the generosity of our donors.

Construction has already began on the single story houses which will be made of a solid brick construction, with a concrete roof and plastered all around. Each house will also include two rooms (12x14ft), a kitchen (6x8ft), a bathroom (8x4ft), a veranda (8ft) and one window, one door and an electrical socket in each room.

The first house to be donated by our dear Muskorteer Brother Arshad & Family from Peterborough was completed in December 2019 and handed over to the needy family who were living in a tent since the Earthquake.

Praise be to the Almighty, as part of this amazing project we are also building be a purpose built housing complex with over 30 houses called KORT Village. Our aim is to complete the Housing Project before Ramadhan 2020 by the will of the Almighty.

Thank you to all the donors and Muskorteers who have donated towards this appeal and especially to our dear Muskorteer; Brother Naseeb Abbas for raising over £300,000 through his supporters towards this appeal. May the Almighty accept everyone’s efforts and bless you all and your families abundantly in your health, wealth and Imaan.

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