Educational Complex

Please spare a moment to view pictures of KORT Educational Complex for orphans from day 1 till present.



At KORT we believe in giving the orphaned children the best possible start in life, and a huge part of this is education:

Education breaks the cycle of poverty and desperation and it allows the children to look forward to a bright future with good careers. It is a very serious and difficult issue as a country cannot move forward until and unless most of its citizens are above the poverty line.

“Education Breed Confidence, Confidence Breeds Hope, Hope Breeds Peace” – Confucius

More About Our Kashmir, Mirpur Education Complex

The educational complex at Mirpur, Kashmir offers a full Islamic education, along with the more standard curriculum, much similar to what children would receive in the western world, skills such as IT (Information Technology, a skill vital to the workers of the future in an ever changing world), Math’s, English, Sports and other skills vital to their personal development as individuals in a competitive world.

Our complex has state of the art facilities and provides a safe environment for the children to develop in a positive environment, where they have the security, and access to knowledge which can develop them into capable young adults, ready to meet the challenges of the future.



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