Story of Tahmina


I along with 4 of my brothers and sisters are all in KORT’s care. 08 October 2005, the day of the tragic Earthquake, my younger sister fell down and broke her arm. Our mother and father decided to take her to the district hospital in Muzaffarabad.
They were travelling by road in a bus beside the river Neelum when the devastating Earthquake struck. The minibus lost control and crashed in to the river. The bus or any of the 40 passengers were never found. We were abandoned by relatives and neighbours during this tragic time. Without our parents we kept looking towards the sky for God to help us. A few days later, a couple of representatives from KORT came to our village looking for orphan children that were in need of help. We are now at KORT with all of our sorrows behind us. With your help we now have a bright future to look forward to and we are all smiling once again.

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