Story of Iqra

Muslim Orphanages

My name is Iqra and I live at KORT. My father was a very hard working man and he died in the Earthquake on 8th October 2005. I was having breakfast with my mother when suddenly the earth and the mountains started to shake. Luckily we were safe but nobody knew where or how my father was. It was later on that my uncle informed us about my father’s death. I can’t describe the pain we felt in words. I could not understand what was going on because I was too young and did not understand that I had lost my father. After my father’s death we became helpless. My mother became very worried because she could not arrange any expenses for our education or even our basic necessities. Fortunately my mother heard about KORT and how it looks after orphan children. She took us to KORT and now we are living here happily. KORT provides us all the facilities that a normal child would enjoy every day. When I grow up I would like to help KORT and other orphan children just like how KORT is helping me.

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