Story of Hafiz


I am Hafiz from Muzaffarabad and I am a student in KORT. My life lost its colour when my father died at work due to an accident. I was so young when my father went to heaven. My mother got married again and left me and my sister on our own. My uncle adopted us but he was so poor he could not afford our school fees. We were helpless so we prayed to God to help us. My Uncle came to know about KORT and applied for us to be looked after. I was extremely sad the first few weeks at KORT as I was missing my mother and father so much. But over time and through the love and care of everyone at KORT I started to feel like everyone at KORT was my family. The children living in KORT are like my real brothers & sisters and the elder students of KORT take care of everyone. The Principal at school & all the teachers love me a lot & are very caring. In future I would love to become an army officer.

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